Heading back to camp at the end of a great day in the canyons. 

Submitted by Eric Mickelson


Instagram @_ericmickelson

Gerry Lopez shapes his boards where he hope they’ll feel at home, in the green room. 

Submitted by Mark McInnis

Instagram @markomcinnis​

Tumblr markomcinnis

Admiring the thermals of Chillan, Chile

Submitted by Alex Yoder

Instagram yoderyoder

tumblr squarestate.tumblr.com

Hanna’s feelin’ lucky under the giant Redwoods in Northern California 

Submitted by http://s-unsetkid.tumblr.com/

Last Light at Nosara, Costa Rica

Submitted by Josh Soskin

Instagram @joshsoskin

Love bus at Ocean Beach, SF, California

Submitted by Don Dianda

Instagram @dondianda

Katrina Kloppenburg sliding down some hidden natural waterslides in the Kootenays.

Submitted by Josefin Svedberg

Instagram @josefin_svedberg

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Although no old lady whispering hush (and nowhere near a great green room), this image reminds me of the children’s book Goodnight Moon :) Thanks to the folks who joined this season. I have a feeling this place is gonna stay wild far past our lifetime. Lincoln Lake, Mt. Evans, CO

Submitted by Wes Walker

Instagram @smilingweswalker

Surfers in Bolinas, CA

Submitted by Jarod Luebbert

Research ecologists Kira Hoffman and Sarah Wickham on their morning commute. Vancouver Island, B.C.

Submitted by Malcolm Johnson

Instagram @malcolmrjohnson

Summer must be here in North Wales! Llyn Idwal, Snowdonia

Submitted by Stew Rogers