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Kim Diggs jumps at a chance to escape the heat. Nicaragua. photo: Chris Burkard

"December 19, 1973: I only know because our meticulous bookkeeper wrote the date on the back of her copy of the photo. A cold wind blew, which is why so many of us look pained through the smiles. We’d had quite a year: started sewing packs, made the decision to get more seriously into the clothing business, bought the building next door (an abandoned meatpacking plant) and renovated its old wooden-floored exec offices into a proper retail store. We’d gone on a hiring spree, I can tell from this photo, thanks to retail and sewing. You wouldn’t have seen so many women around six months earlier. Of the 25 or so grownups here, 41 years later two still own the company, one serves on the Board, three still work here—25% of the original count. Waddya know." - Vincent Stanley, one of the three who still work here.

A warm beverage and some fresh fruit to start the day in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Submitted by Kern Ducote

Instagram @kernducote


Rebecca Ruda finding good luck after a July afternoon thunderstorm passes through in Vedauwoo, WY.

Submitted by James Ruda


An approach in the Julian Alps, July 2014.

Submitted by Jaka Bulc

www.jakabulc.com /jakabulc.tumblr.com

Standing atop Mt. Moran in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Photo submitted by Danny Beasse

Instagram @dannobobano

Submitted by Jay Kolsch

Ayla Wren exploring Northeast Harbor, Maine on a very rainy summer day.

Submitted by Carla Graves

Climbers descending to the Refuge de Lac Blanc after climbing the Aiguilles Crochues, Western Alps.

Submitted by David Boyson Cooper

Instagram @davidboysoncooper