Getting home at midnight on a work night was a price worth paying for this sunset at Norway Pass.

Submitted by Jesse Van Hoy

Hiking around Morro Bay in California

Submitted by Seth Lowe 

Instagram @sethlowephoto

Rocking the sea at Calanque de Sormiou, Marseille, France

Submitted by Pierre Lemaire

Instagram @pierrelem

Exploring the back roads of California.

Submitted by Jeff Ambrose

Enjoying the view after a cold, “uphill both ways” hike to tunnel beach, New Zealand.

Submitted by Kacie Scherler

Instagram @tubularfiesta

Bryon Schroeder catches the last sliver of evening light during a high-elevation archaeological survey of the northern Wind River Range, Wyoming. 

Submitted by Matt Stirn

Instagram @mattstirn

Making waves at Zuma Beach, CA

Submitted by Clare Healy

Instagram @wildflowa

Pete Fairchild soaking up the morning sun. D.L. Bliss Campground, Lake Tahoe, CA

Submitted by Anna Fairchild 

instagram @fairpra

Brian Leahy scopes out the next line. Fisher Towers, Utah. 

Submitted by Matt Stirn

Instagram @mattstirn

An arriving swell. Falling snow. Two forces, or one and the same?  Two board sports legends, Pipeline master Gerry Lopez and snowsurf pioneer Taro Tamai, have spent a lifetime practicing the art of flow. The Northern Sky digs down to the roots of that shared sensation, as experienced in the mountains above Niskeo, Japan. This Farm League film is the first episode in our Find Away series.

See it here: The Northern Sky 

Hangin’ out in the John Muir Wilderness, CA

Submitted by Kellen Mohr

Instagram @kellenmohr